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Trinona, MacAttack, and Car Accidents

Yes, this post will cover all of that. 

TRINONA (Olympic distance triathlon)-  This was my first tri of 2010, and only the second Olympic distance tri...ever. I have never done a tri longer than Olympic either.  When I signed up for this race early in the year, my goal all along was to crush the hill climb.  For this I would use my road bike, opposed to my QR triathlon bike.  Why?  There is a King of the Bluff's (ie: KOM type) challenge within the race.  They give you separate timing chip that splits out the climb with a timing pad at the bottom and top.  The climb is 1.1 miles of relentless uphill agony.  As the race neared, I realized there is a $3000 cash payout for the race overall top 5 men and women--this would draw a much more competitive field= faster riders= faster climbers, etc...  I pre-rode the course and the hill about 3 weeks ago and was not too impressed with my time.  I went back and forth in my mind about which bike to use.  I am a bit superstitious and thought I have to keep with the original plan even if I have no hope of winning the King of the Bluff.  I was not giving up hope, but rather, being realistic.  In the end, I was 6th overall up that dang hill.  I guess I am happy with that, considering the competition.  However, I still figured I'd be around 6 minutes up the hill--I ended up 6:51.  I didn't factor in how much the 1500 meter swim would take out of me before the climb either.

SWIM goal- 28 minutes.  The swim went very well (for me).  I was confident I could get under 30 minutes, striving for 28, ended up 27:41. 

BIKE goal- Top 10 bike split and/or 23.0 MPH.  I never make a goal of MPH because conditions dictate that.  However, I am usually at or near 23.5.  Looking back, I could have done 23.5 if on my tri bike, but I had my Salsa Campeon road bike.  On the bike, I caught a lot in the first 10 miles, but that was shared with the Sprint course.  I caught about 6 on the climb though.  Back to the bike start: I was passed by one guy within the first mile, and one more in the last 6 miles--on the down hill. With the guy that passed me right away in the opening mile, we played cat and mouse for the 10 mile (estimated) out and back.  I kept looking at him wondering if he was in my AG (40-44) and debated whether its worth it to go back and forth with him.  Then...I pretty much dropped him on the hill.  He caught me within the last mile on the bike.  I gained on him in the last 1/4 mile--I was doing what I normally do, not trying to catch him.  However, he clipped out of his shoes and was preparing to dismount so he slowed way down.  I went right passed, after I dismounted. Despite unbuckling/unclipping early (or what ever he did) he had an issue getting off his bike.   I got into T2 just a second in front of him.  (In the end, we were both in the 40-44 AG.) My bike split was only a few seconds faster--enough to have the fastest bike split in my AG and the 8th fastest bike split overall--despite using a friggin' road bike.  BTW, I never saw him again until I was running back, he was running to the turnaround.  Av MPH on the bike: 23.0

RUN goal- 40 minutes.  THE. RUN. HURT.  I was in and out of T2 pretty quick.  I started running fast--for about 30 seconds--then slowed way down.  When referring to the run, I was never quite sure what it felt like when they (other triathletes) say "I couldn't find my legs until..."    I now know what that means and feels like.  My legs were lost!  Mostly due to riding a road bike in a triathon.  Are you familiar with the phrase "Never bring a knife to a gun fight"  ?    I also started to get a little burning in the gut just after the first mile, which I sort of expected.  That soon went away.  I saw a runner or two up a head which helped fuel me a bit, but mostly felt alone out on the course--there were many curves so it was hard to see who else was out there.  I thought I am either way up, or way back.  Soon I  "found my legs" so to speak.  I ran a mile at 6:39, then in the 6:40's, then 6:51.  As I got further into the run, here and there, runners were on the way back in  as I was still on the 'out' section.  I knew where the turn around for the run was and was getting close.  Then there were more and more runners coming up, heading back. The turn around followed the walking/lakeside path around the Winona Visitors Center. As I entered that area where were a found a handful of runners heading back. Once around the visitor center I was now heading back--about 3.1 miles to go. However, now there were several runners approaching the turnaround--not far behind me.  I figured I have to distance myself from them so I ran a little harder.  I also figured I could possibly catch some of the people in front of me.  That mile clicked of in 6:22.   I tried to keep that pace and was around 6:30 or so for the last two miles.  I think I caught 3-4 guys on my way to the finish.  Run time- 40:33.

In the end, I was 15th overall, 1st in Age Group 40-44 with an overall time of 2:18:26.  I also managed the fastest run split, bike time, and T2 in my AG.  I am obviously VERY happy with this race and never expected to win my AG.  I have to admit that my AG was not that competitive when compared to other races that are out there.  2:18 may have been enough this week, but there are plenty of races at this distance where the top guys 40 and over will get much closer to 2 hours.  Next week I'll be racing in the Rochesterfest Triathlon which will draw a more competitive field across many age groups.

Click THIS for the results, or check out the previous post for my results.

MAC ATTACK 5k.  This was Jace's return to 5k racing. He did a 2 mile in April, followed by a couple 1 milers.  This was going to be a challenge.  We stressed having FUN over all else.  His version of fun happens to be suffering and pacing kids at the last second.   I was not able to run with him for a couple reasons.  If he runs at a 7 or sub 7 minute pace, I may not be able to keep up as I just finished racing about 7 hours earlier.  Also, he has enough experience that he doesn't need me there coaching him along.  It could also look like I am pacing him when other kids his age are out there workin it themselves.  A group of littlerish kids by at about 1.5 miles where the finish is and he was looking pretty good.  There were 4 of them.  Its sort of a strange loop.  They start on one side of the lake, the finish is on the otherside.   When they go by the 'finish' area the first time, they have to go all the way around the lake one time after that.  Right about 21 minutes or so, I saw him turn one of the last corners.  From there its about .2 to go.   He was still in the vicinity of the other 3, but 2 of them had a pretty big gap, then one kid, then Jace about 20 yards back.  He close the gap on the one, then was just behind him until 5 feet before the finishing chute.  Jace then pace him going into the chute--THEN THE OTHER KID OUT STEPPED HIM AT THE LINE!  The both crossed at 22:42, but Jace was a step behind him.  All 4 of those kids were in the 10 and under group.  Jace ended up with 4th, but with a stellar PR for his first 5k of 2010.  22:42 is a 7:19 pace per mile.  The kid that won, Simon, was over a minute behind Jace in the Fetzer 2 mile in April.  However, every time I see 5k results, he's there.  I swear this was at least his fourth 5k this year. He's pretty quick.

CAR ACCIDENTS. How is this related to anything...?  After the awards at Trinona, we got back to my car only to notice a big white Chevy Suburban with a bike rack/bike on the back, too close to my car.  In fact, the left rear corner bumper of the Suburban was sharing the same space as my right quarter panel.  Yes, a guy backed up and hit my parked car.  Good news though, his bike was OK.

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