Monday, April 26, 2010

AVATAR review & Cycling

I thought I remember a company named Avatar that made cycling computers and other stuff back in the 90's.  No, I don't mean Avocet.  All I could find now is a bike saddle model by Specialized called Avatar and a DH helmet called Avatar.  That's the only way this movie relates to cycling/sports.  Well, they Na'vi did have bones of carbon fiber so that was cool.

Anyway, this past weekend we rented and watched Avatar.  I'm no movie critic, but here's my take on the flick:

  • Visually: Pretty realistic looking.  However, special effects can do just about anything now.
  • Story: Totally predictable, old themes, nothing new.  I mean seriously, it was predictable it all the way down to the last frame when the blue dudes eyes opened, and his human body died.  No, that is not a 'spoiler'.   I didn't ruin if for you if you haven't seen it, because it's so easy to tell that is what's going to happen.
  • Epic battle: I thought I was having DejaVu.  Not just for the epic battle scenes, but for the ENTIRE movie.  I liked the battle the first 10 times I saw it in Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, etc, etc.
  • Standoff between the hero and his commander (the villian): predictable from the get-go just like the rest of this movie.  Come on, if you didn't know that was going to happen, you're dumb.
Bottom line, it was watchable, but forgetable.  I wish I would have rented it from a RedBox because it would have only cost a buck.  $3.50 was too much for this thing.

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