Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ultimate Smoothie Maker - The NINJA

Thanks, Brian, for the comment on the protein shake post. Blueberry-banana sounds good. I've had them both in the mix, but with other fruit--I am going to try just those two with some basic protein powered.

About the clean-up... Since I make a lot of smoothies and using the blender resulted in me having to pound it on the counter a couple times to shake the chunks around, my wife got me a NINJA for Christmas. It works great and clean up is easy. There are two sets of two blades for each container so there are 4 blades pulverizing what ever you put in it. The blades come out the top for easy cleaning and are razor sharp (yes, I cut myself the first week while washing them). With blenders, you usually have to twist off the bottom and dismantle the thing to get at the blades. The NINJA pitcher is really smoothe and rinses clean. You have to wash it sometimes, but mainly if your protein powder sticks to the sides and you let it sit.

That's enough--I'm starting to sound like I sell the things...

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Brian said...

The Ninja does look cool. Just needs to have it 'tailgate' ready via DC socket so you can whip up some post race!

I'll be sticking with the blender for now. The Wife and I have a agreement about adding one more small kitchen appliance to the countertop. ;)