Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Doctor Visit

After my mentally traumatic set back on Tuesday March 23 (a run that resulted in my hip pain coming back full-force times 2) I called Sports Med for a followup visit. I was thinking back to the drawing board.

Back in January they told me to call back in a month if things weren't better. Well, they weren't totally fine, but I was running without pain in late February. Granted--they were short runs. Then March 23 comes along and bam! However, I recovered pretty quick. I was able to stay on course with the running--I did a short, 30 minuter on Friday to test things out. Went well. I stayed with a 10% increase in running time for Sundays (March 28) run and did 8.5 miles in 1:06:00 (7:46 pace). It ended up mostly zone 1 (easy), but I wanted to make it past 1 hour so I went slow. I could feel something waiting in my hip to turn to pain and a little bit of somethingt was shooting up my low back, but since that was the longest run so far since September, I thought that may be par for the course. I was fine when it was done. Yesterday I ran tempo pace for the last 20 minutes of a 45 minute run. Went fine. I was thinking about canceling the sports med appt for last night, but went anyway. He showed me the x-rays from last time and said everything is perfect. No signs of arthritis, no spacing issues, no deformities, etc. He said we just have to try some new things and see if we can work with the improvements that have been made so far. He didn't even scold me after I confessed I did a hill workout--which led to what I thought was a setback. Instead, he said that you have to test the waters sometime and it seems like I took my time before doing it. Since I recovered fast, that's a good sign. I will see a PT later in the week and we'll go from there....

With that said, I am still planning on running in the Fetzer 20k and later today I am sending in my registration for the Med-City (half) Marathon which is on May 30. WHAT!

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Brian said...

Good to hear. But like I said prepared for more of the same (aches, pains). The 40's is a rough decade! Stuff starts breaking down. It's only taken me 9 years to accept that (will be 49 in a few weeks)!