Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fetzer 20k & 2 mile

I'm really looking forward to running in the Fetzer 20k on April 10. I haven't raced anything over a 10k since August 2008 when I raced in the Rochester 1/2 Marathon. I paced at 6:37 which at the time felt pretty comfortable. I am going to shoot for a 1 hr 22 minutes which would put me at a 6:35 pace. In planning this, I tried to find the paceband maker that the running room has, but I only found one for running a 5 & 10k and a marathon. I googled and found one that you can pick what ever distance you want, in km or miles, and then have it schedule out your time by mile or km. I picked 20k for the distance with mile time splits. Check out the link by clicking this: PACEBAND

Jace is going to do the 2 mile race. Last year he clocked a 14:15 (7:37 pace). This year he's a year older (9) and is a little taller and a little heavier. I've cautioned him on thinking he's always going to get faster because sometimes kids slow down as they their bodies adjust. However, he still wants to break 7 minutes in the 1-mile test at school.

Click HERE for the Fetzer.

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