Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aerobic Run Test #1

Sunday, the day after the FTHR, I put in my first run test. The weather was soooo nice I wanted to put in a longer run as I am up to 1 hour now, but it was an R&R week and I had a run test schedule. It went ok, but I felt like a tub-o-lard. For this test you need to run 1 mile at 9-11 beats less then your FTHR (functional threshold heart rate) and see how long it takes. You look for faster times at the same effort/heart rate in future tests. I use my threshold from the bike test as my running threshold because they are about the same * (see note at the bottom). I warmed up by jogging about 3 miles and thru in a few short bursts/sprints at almost max pace in the last mile. Then I hit lap, increased the speed until I saw my HR was up where I wanted it and maintained it for 1 mile. What a way to make you feel out of shape! Anyway, when it was done I did the mile in 6:14 at 10 beats less than threshold. The problem is, and I know its early in the season, is that I don't think I could have ran much faster than that...

I gots work to do.

NOTE: your running threshold can be established by taking your average heart rate (AHR) from a 10k run--one that you really go hard and steady throughout. That's one way I've seen it done.

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