Thursday, February 25, 2010


Against my better judgement, I signed up for the 50 mile single-track beast known as the "Sandwich 50".

This has nothing to do with racing, but my sandwich of choice is a big old, PB&J with a heavy amount of this stuff , and equal amount of this stuff on a couple slices of this stuff (Dakota, Energy, or old fashioned white). Maybe it does--I think I'll need about a dozen of them to make it thru.

RACE ROSTER (as of 02/25/10)
1. Charly "Meat" Tri; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
2. Matt "Kuske" Kurke; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
3. Clayton MClagan; Forest Lake, MN -Man, RASC Member
4. Drew Wilson; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
5. Joe Moyer; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
6. Jacob Hout; Red Wing, MN -Man, RASC Member
7. Matt Sylvester; Minneapolis, MN -Man, RASC Member
8. Dave "Ham" Hallaway; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
9. Terri Crist; Rochester, MN -NOT Man, RASC Member
10. Bob Marhefke; Holmen, WI -Man, but barely
11. Mark Carey; Rochester, MN -Man
12. Erin Carey; Rochester, MN -NOT Man
13. Becky Tri; Rochester, MN -NOT Man, RASC Member
14. Jon Finnoff; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
15. Andy Skoglund; St. Paul, MN-Man, RASC Member
16. Bart Rodberg; Duluth, MN -Man, RASC Member
17. Brendan Moore; Savage, MN -Man, RASC Member
18. Bob Gritman; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
19. Cody Larson; Northfield, MN -Man, RASC Member
20. Tim Werts; Mankato, MN -Man, RASC Member
21. Chris Fisher; Inver Grove Heights, MN -Man, RASC Member
22. Todd Nesvold; Forest Lake, MN -Man, RASC Member
23. Jen Fisher; Inver Grove Heights, MN -NOT Man, RASC Member
24. Deb Lee/Carson: Rochester, MN -NOT Man
25. Mike Rust; ????????????? -Man
26. Chris Van Ert, St. Paul -Man, RASC Member
27. George Eckman; Oronoco, MN -Man, RASC Member
28. Chris Koch; Rochester, MN -Man
29. Dan Knudsvig; St. Louis Park, MN -Man, RASC Member
30. Eric Applen; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
31. Dan Soderberg; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
32. Barb Soderberg; Rochester, MN -Not Man, RASC Member
33. Nikki Soderberg; Rochester, MN -Not Man, RASC Member3
4. Eric Reeve; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
35. Matt Nelson; Minneapolis, MN -Man, RASC Member
36. Kaleb Himli; Wykoff, MN -Man, RASC Member
37. Kevin Flan; Minneapolis, MN -Man
38. Cory Mortensen; Minneapolis, MN -Man, RASC Member
39. Steve Boyd; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
40. Linda Marshall; Rochester, MN -Not Man, RASC Member
41. Kelly Bakke; Forest Lake, MN -Man
42. Chuck Sorenson; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
43. Jeff Bushendorf; Columbia Heights, MN -Man, RASC Member
44. Brendan Bellew; Prior Lake, MN -Man
45. Chris Driscol; Rochester, MN -Man, RASC Member
46. Eric LeBow; Shoreview, MN -Man, RASC Member
47. Mario Minelli; Kasson, MN -Man, RASC Member

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D-Train & Booms said...

Looking forward to seein you again!!!

Kevin Flanders