Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Long Ride

I put in a 1.5 hour solid ride today on the Salsa hooked up to the Kinetic trainer. It may not be that long, but an hour and a half on a trainer in February with no races till May--its long enough. No TV, no others with me, just me, my bike, and an iPod. After the warm-up I shifted every 15 minutes back-and-forth between two gears: 15 minutes at 85-90 rpms, 15 minutes at 90+ rpms.

Here's the stats:

Time Breakdown and Heart Rate
  • Warm-up: 20 min (125 AHR)
  • Main ride: 1:10:00 (145 AHR)
  • Warm-down: 3:00 (123 AHR)
  • Total Ride Time: 1 hr 33 min (140 AHR/153 MHR)

Calorie burn: 1029

Time in Zone Breakdown:

  • z1- 24 min (140 or below)
  • z2- 1 hr, 7 min (141-150) - This was the zone I targeted for the ride
  • z3- 2 min (151-158)
  • z4- na (159-170)
  • z5- na (above 170)

Kinetic Power Data:

  • Ride Time: 1 hr 33 min
  • 195 average watts* / 305 max watts
  • 17.8 average speed / 21.6 max speed
  • 27.41 miles

*average watts before warm-down was 201

Kinetic data is based on a calculated average formula programmed in the cyclocomputer so its not like a PowerTap which is pretty much spot-on. However, the Kinetic will be consistent for me and a way compare progress. Meaning, if I do my best to duplicate the ride (same time, same average HR), but I average a higer speed and higher watts and more miles, then that would mean I am going further and faster for the same effort.

When I got off the bike I could instantly tell that I could not have ran even if I wanted to. Again, glad I'm not racing a du or tri till May. I plan to start the bricks in late March/early April.

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