Saturday, January 9, 2010

Home Training Room...Just about done

Here's some pix from the re-organized, newly painted training room. We went with Kasson Komet colors- Blue & white with red.

Going in to the room. A small coat rack with jump ropes, HR monitor belts, run belt, etc.

Looking in... Framed Sports Illustrated mags from 3 of the 7 years Lance won the tour. There are about 40 water bottles I've collected over the years. About half have been used. I haven't bought a bottle since around....the mid 90's maybe?
The Salsa on a Kurt Kinetic road trainer:
The Spinner with a headphone extension cord so I can listen to what I'm watching while I ride.
Ok, so the doors are still brown. I'm either going to paint them white with the leftover white paint as its about $150-200 to replace them.
A couple pix- Jace at one of his first MTB races, and below that, me in the Afton Avalanche--both from 2005:

The temperature gauge and the homemade RockShox light switch. The temp was just over 60, but most mornings its around 56. After a long ride it has gotten to the mid-60's...

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Brian said...

Need some big ol' Steve Prefontaine motivational posters. Turned out nice. Well done! For the next post....wanna see some real numbers!