Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 Season Stats

I posted some info back in Oct or Nov with some preliminary numbers regarding training time, but now that 2009 is done, here's an update...

Total Training Hours: 334.25. This includes all training of any kind as well as time put in at races (warmup, race, post-race cool down).

Average Hours per Week: 6.43 hours (52 week calendar year)
Average Hours per Week: 7.5 hours (beginning of year thru 09/27/09--the period in which I was following a training plan)
  • Swimming: 41.25 hours (pool and open water)
  • Cycling: 151.5 hours (outdoor, indoor on trainer, indoor on Spinner or RevMaster)
  • Running: 101.5 hours (treadmill, outdoor)
  • Strength/Weights: 40 hours
I train totally by time, not mileage, so I don't have the total miles associated with each activity, but I do have some individual distances for training sessions:
Longest Indoor Swim: 1 mile on 04/08/09 (34:03)
Longest Outdoor Swim: .92 miles at the Rochesterfest Triathlon (29:58)
Longest Ride, outside: 39.2 miles (time 1:58:18) on 08/01/09
Longest Ride, inside: put in several 1.5 hour rides
Longest Run, outside: 11 miles (1:27:18) on 09/07/09 (two days after the Treadman--I was dead tired, but got out so far I had no choice but to keep going)
Highest Training volume week: 10.75 hours, March 30 - April 5
Longest Brick (not a race): 2 mile jog, 25 mile bike, 6 mile run (2:05:49)
Longest Race: Rochesterfest Olympic Distance Triathlon: 2:19:05 (29:58 swim, 1:03::23 bike, 42:03 run)
RACING BREAKDOWN: 20 Races in all
  • 5k's: 2
  • 10k's: 1
  • 5 mile race (run): 1
  • Duathlons: 5
  • Triathlons: 3
  • TT's: 6
  • CX: 2 
5k: 18:27 -- Run 1 of the Apple Duathlon (05/23/09)
5 mile: 30:32 -- Awesome Blossom Run (07/04/09)
I guess you can say when it comes to training, I am a minimalist--I look at the longest event and try to train for it by getting the most I can out of the fewest hours per week. I don't really have time for 75 mile rides, 2 hour runs, and 3-4 hour bricks. Had I trained like that, I would have set my racing goals on longer events.

For 2010 I am going to try to note the amount of cumulative miles running and cycling. Not sure I will be able to stay on top of that, but I'll try. Also, I am going to train with the same amount of hours, but I will structure them differently--fewer sessions, but a little longer on the weekends as I am targeting the Chisago Half Iron. I will have to make time for long weekend bricks....


rideonpurpose said...

I'm impressed with the results vs. what you put in. You're obviously doing something right. The "new" room looks great too.


Mario said...

The secret is no junk miles and only one 'hard' ride(TT or interval) and one hard run per week. Its not really a secret, but most people want to go all-out during almost all workouts.