Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Hips Hurt

Sunday night while running, my right hip started to ache... Not sure why. When I ran harder, the pain decreased. The slower I went it got worse (the closer to walking and walking itself hurt worse than running hard). At first I thought it was because the last few times I ran, I started out a little faster than normal--pressed for time. Then, pressed for time, I didn't stretch as much as usual afterwards. Dumb and dumber. The pain runs high, up near the hip bone and under, but its doesn't feel deep. Almost feels like a bruise just beneath the skin--like pain you would feel if you fell right on your side/hip.

I thought about what else I did that could have caused it. Hmmm... Oh, yah, it couldn't have anything to do with taking out the CX bike for the first time in over a year and riding up steep hills. Then dismounting to run up steep hills? No.. couldn't have anything to do with that. Hmm. When did I do that. SATURDAY!

So, I think the problem is a combination of all the above.

Not sure why I wrote about this. Lack of posts I guess. If there is anything to be learned, its ease into new activities, warm-up first, and stretch after. Basically, don't let common sense elude you, or let your experience tell you that you can skip the basics.

With that said, the hip is feeling a lot better. Just feels tight now. Maybe ready for a beginner level CX race this weekend.

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Steve Sander said...

Thanks for the huge compliment about not getting at least an honorable mention for Athlete of the Year. Hopefully next year I can improve some more and not make any mistakes in the bigger races I'm in. Good luck on your CX race, keep up the good work and keep stirring the pot.