Monday, April 20, 2009

Start of Season Delayed

Updated 2009 Tentative Race Schedule:

I had to remove the SEMYO 5k from the list as we went to the in-laws cabin and put in the docks on Saturday (04/18/09). So it looks like I am going to start the season with a du. I also decided to switch from the Winter Be Gone Short course to the long course. Why? Cuz I be dumm. Really, though, I didn't want to screw up the progress I made with my hammy tendon and thought that 9+ miles of running right off the bat could do just that. However, I've been running without problems thus far. I figured though, if problems come, I'd rather have them earlier than later and have a chance at salvaging the second half of the summer. But I am optimistic that I'll be fine. As long I train and race smart and don't do anything too stupid. I'm doing the long course at a pace I can tolerate and considering the race a trainer for future races.

Winter Be Gone Du, April 26 **
Falls Duathlon, May 2 **
Tri Roch TT's, May (TBD)
Stay Out of the Sun Run (5k or 10k?), May 15
Apple Duathlon, May 23
Pigman Sprint, June 7 **
Fairmont Sprint Tri, June 14 (a maybe)
Rochesterfest Tri (oly), June 28 **
Heart of the Lakes Tri, July 19 **
Festival Run (10k), Aug 8
Treadman Du, Sept 5
Cannon-Wells Duathlon, Sept 26

- races with ** I am already registered for -

Red= event
Green= event
Blue= event


Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job out in all the wet, cold crap yesterday! What a day! The season can only get better from there, right?


Mario said...

Good work on your part too... BTW, I borrowed one of your photo's for my post.