Monday, April 27, 2009

If You Didn't Race Yesterday There Are 120 People More BadA$$ Than You

The kickoff to the 2009 multisport season was April 26, 2009 with the 2nd Annual Winter BeGone Duathlon. Ok, there are indoor and indoor/outdoor events all season, but in MN this was the first (or close to it) fully outdoor event of the season. Mother Nature was not to kind to us as you can tell from the photo below (stolen from Steve In a Speedo blog).

First of all, it was in the low 40's. That's not too bad, but with wind and rain--its not good. The race was very close to being cancelled, but the director decided to call off the long course (5k run, 33k bike, 10k run) and make everyone who showed up do the short course. I wasn't too upset since I switched to the long course only 1 week earlier (I registered for the short, but decided I needed the training). I won the short course last year, but wasn't even close to winning this year. Sorta tough when a couple elites show up. However, even with them there, some regular ole age-groupers whooped me. Despite the weather, it was still a good time. Of the 130 or so that registered, 120 raced and 115 actually finished. That's a better finish-to-start ratio than usually occurs with nice weather. Go figure--when Minnsotan's (and a few from sconny) want to race, they WANT TO RACE!

Next up, the Falls Du.

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Steve Stenzel said...

Yeah, WHAT A DAY!!

And I guess that last line answers my question from my e-mail to you. See you this weekend!