Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Nows the time to start stocking up on your training supplements for 2009. I like to pre-register for events (when possible), order training supps, and equipment now so I am not burdened by the hassle and the expense later on--when you have to drive to the races with the gas and possibly the hotel expense. Gas was nearly $4 gal last summer so it was nice that I was registered for over 10 races by April and had my summers supply of Accelerade and e-Gels. Soooooo..... right now you can get 30% of of Endurox and Accelerade products thru the link below. Also, every order enters you in a drawing for a Compu-Trainer system ($1800). Check it out!

CLICK THIS to order and enter the drawing.
(note: the price in the drop down is BEFORE the discount. Add it to the cart to see the discounted price. Then remove it if you change your mind.)

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