Friday, November 21, 2008

2009 Tentative Race Schedule

Ok, I know, its way too early to be thinking about racing in 2009. However, I was putting together my home-made training diary, calendar, etc., so I figured I might as wel get some dates together if they're posted yet. In 2008 I did a total of 24 races between April 19 and October 25. That includes 4 runs, 6 du's, 5 tri's, 7 time trials, and 1 road (bike) race. I am totally scaling back for 2009 due to family obligations and other stuff. Here it is:

Resolution Run (5k)
Winter Be Gone Du
Tri Rochester TT's (4 races)
Oakdale Du
Apple Du
Pigman Sprint Tri
Rochesterfest Tri (sprint, olympic, ?)
Heart of the Lakes Tri
Festival Run (10k)
Rochester Half Marathon
RASC TT's (4 races)
Treadman Du

Ok, that's 18 so its not scaled back too much, but I plan on cutting a few out more of there.

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