Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spirit Run

This Saturday is the Spirit Run. I haven't done this one in a few years, but am going to give the 5k a shot. I also haven't ran at a pace higher than about 8 minutes since Italy on September 28. Carin will be doing the 5k with Sofia in the jogger, and Jace will be doing his fourth event this season in Youth Grand Prix. If I am not 'fellin it' Saturday morning, I will pace Jace in his run--otherwise this will be his first run on his own. In the previous races he's learned to let the kids go out hard while he holds back only to see them walking later as he runs by. He ran the mile two weeks ago in school at 7:27. On July 4th, he ran a 7:49 pace in a 2 mile event. Last spring in school it was 8:08. This kid is only getting faster and I am guessing he'll be pacing me in no time.

Jace in the Apple Kids Du

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