Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photo's From Italy

I just learned of this website--the site that did the photo's for the Duathlon World Championships (AG and Elite). There are hundreds, if not thousands, of photo's. If you go to the site the upper left is where you find what photo's you are looking for. Under "Manifestazione" select ITU Duathlon World Championship from the drop down. Then under "Passaggio" you can select which drop down for division or age group you wish to view photo's from. To view them for 32 per page, select that from the drop down titled 'Foto per pagina'.

Here's the website http://www.fotostudio5.com/

Looks like they have identified people by number if possible, otherwise they have them by country code as that is on the uniform. My bib number was 296 and I was able to find a few photo's in the 'AGE MEN 14.30 RUN' drop down. I have no idea what 14.30 means though.

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