Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tendon, Hamstring

Got checked out by a sports med doc and a physical therapist. They believe I strained the outer tendon behind my right knee--possible small tear and/or damage to the tendon sheath. However, I would think there would be more pain if there was a tear. There isn't any pain at all doing any type of workout or exercise except for running. However, I am not a doctor and am going with what they prescribed. In addition to regular icing and OTC anti-inflamitory meds, the therapist put me thru a number of stretches for my [ridiculously tight] hammy's, gave me some eccentric weight training techniques (lowering the weight opposed to curling it up), and prescribed a cycle of iontophorisis (a cortisone patch on the troubled area). Hopefully this does the trick. I am to train as usual, except limit the running to short jogs. Then I am to try a run in a few days of a little longer length. I planned on a tune-up race (duathlon) this weekend, but may have to skip it. I am going to try a little longer run this Friday and if there is no pain, I'll race Saturday. Slow run, hard bike, slow run.

See ya...

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