Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Running...not so much

When I said my knees felt fine after the 1/2 marathon, well, that didn't last long. I can do anything except run. Jogging is ok for a bit then the outside of my right knee just kills. My hamstring tendons were a little stiff and sore for a couple days after the half, but when that resolved the pain moved to the outer right knee. I ran some short distances a few times since the half, but always had to quit from the pain. I tried to do a race simulation as a brick workout on Sunday, but had to end the first run (which was really a jog) at about 2 miles. The bike went fine as I did 28 miles in 1:11 (not full race pace, but close: 23.5 mph)--but then had to jog the second run. For that, I did 3 miles by jogging for 4-5 minutes alternating with a 1 minute of walking. I think its an I.T.B. issue. I have been neglecting to stretch the hips so this could be the problem. However, I would have some tenderness and possibly less than full ROM if it was ITBS, but I'm pain-free with cycling, stairs, etc. Maybe my knee just hurts?? Sore from the half. I haven't ran on it since Sunday, but will do a little jog today with some stretching every few minutes to see how that goes...

Big race is only 24 days away.

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