Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cannon Valley Trail

Yestereday, on the 'last day of summer' for the kids, I took Jace and Sofia to the Cannon Valley Trail in Cannon Falls for a little ride. I haven't done a long leisurely ride in a while. It was a steamy day, but the trail was mostly shaded so it wasn't too bad. We hit the trail around 1:30pm and reached Welch at 2:30. I thought Welch was only like 6-7 miles away. It ended up 10.3 ! That was a 20+ mile ride for us. Jace rode great with no complaints. Sofia, in tow behind me, did well too. She napped a little, took advantage of the diaper she was wearing, and pointed out different things--like puppies, which there were none of, she just likes saying "Puppies." She likes saying that almost as much as saying "Momma." Jace starts school today--I hope he's not too wore out. Come to think of it, kids don't wear out--they wear us out. Anyway, after that long ride, just under 2 hours, a DQ treat was in order. Did you know they don't sell Mr. Misty's anymore? They're called Arctic something now. Serious brain freeze is still a side effect--or benefit depending on how you look at it.

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