Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One More Update: Sponsors and Start List

First off, I'd like to thank my sponsors for the support as I venture over to Italy for the AG Duathlon World Championship.

WIN Multisports made a generous donation to support this trip. Thanks BILL!! 2008 is the first year for WIN and they've already logged a handful of successful events including the Winter Be Gone Duathlon, the Rochesterfest Triathlon(s), and the HyVee Kids Triathlon to name a few. Check out the lastest event they have going on. You'll support our military by taking on this run.

Ekho Heart Rate Monitors' president and founder Cory Mortensen is actually traveling with me to Italy for this race. Well, Cory has been known as a world traveler so I feel like I am traveling with him. Ekho was established in 2003. Cory and I traveled to a trade show in the spring of that year to pedal some monitors. The road trip/adventure we had is such a story that we could write a book. I've been training with and Ekho HRM ever since. Check out Ekho's new line of monitors. I'll be wearing one in the race.

The Rochester Athletic Club is providing a bit of financial support as well. They also allow me to create and run a training program every year for cyclists. However, in 2008 we had a group of 12 multisport athletes training for duathlon and triathlon events. The course focused mainly on duathlon as it did not have any swim training. Hopefully in 2009 we can make the run training more specific and add a swimming element to the mix.

As for the race, the full start lists are posted. For updated information, course info, and much more, please go to

The male age 35-39 has about 115 competitors! Watch Kevin Gillotti of the USA for a strong finish. He's out raced some pro's here on US soil. We'll be racing with two other age groups. That's going to be one crowded course! My wave goes off on Sunday at 11:30am (Italy time)--so that's 4:30am here in MN. Hopefully they'll have results posted by the time you're out of bed...

Ride On!

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