Sunday, August 10, 2008

Training Re-cap

Saturday, August 2, 2008: Did the long, 130 mile, ride from Kasson to Sherburne (near Fairmont). Almost the identical stats as when I did it in 2006. However, time out was about 15 minutes longer, but the actual ride time on the bike was within a minute of '06. Since I haven't done any rides nearly that long this summer (non over 50 miles), it was a little tough, but I recovered just fine, which leads to the Tuesday night RASC TT.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008: Did the RASC TT, 19 miles, on the Treadman loop and logged the fastest time of the night at 46:12, av speed of 24.5. Not sure that is going to be the fastest time on that route as Mark Carey was still recovering from a 12 mtb race from a few days earlier. During the Treadman Du a couple years ago he posted a time 45 min and some change.

Saturday, August 9, 2008: I did the Festival Run 10k--I was looking foward to this all summer. Not trying to peak for it, but I wanted to run it in 38 something. I guess with the TT earlier in the week, and some running surge intervals two days prior, I was not in the best form, but for me I had a good race. I placed 2nd overall with a time of 39:03--just 4 seconds and I would have been in the 38's. Oh, well. Winner was Nick Payne with a time of 37:02- WOW!! That's a pretty good time for a 10k--now throw in the hills that beat you down on the second half and that's an awesome time.

It's R & R week now.... Well, besides the RASC TT tomorrow evening.

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