Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PHELPS and the Olympics

Ok, I was starting to get sick of hearing all the hype about Michael Phelps. I watched the Team Relay and it was Lezak who sealed the deal. I also saw Perisol (the surfer lookin' slacker type) kick some butt and take gold. Grievers got silver. These other swimmers sort of live in the shadow of Phelps. Phelps receives all the press. The Powerbar commercials, the Morgan Freeman voice over commercials, etc.... HOWEVER, I now understand the hype. The womens gymnastics team has been faced with some problems... but here comes Phelps. After putting in a solid performance in the pool, of course, winning another gold, he filled in for the ladies. He laid down a sweet score in the womens vault. (He has also taken Hamm's place on the mens gym team.) After killing the vault, he hopped off the mat, ran outside in his speedo and broke the record in the shot put--pressed for time he threw two at once! Since Phelps had an old road bike with him he decided to enter the mens road race. He started last night--he knew it was already finished, but he rode so freakin' fast that he actually went back in time to the weekend and took silver (would have gotten gold but he broke a pedal and had to sprint it out with just one leg). I don't know how, but he fixed the pedal and even posted the bike for sale on craigs list yesterday out of his Chicago address: . Look a little closer at the womens sand beach volley ball team-- is that REALLY Kerri Walsh? No one has ever seen Phelps and Walsh in the same room at the same time. Also, with Phelps' height, he is being looked at by the USA B-ball squad. However, Phelps wants gold in B-ball and weight lifting, but the schedules were conflicting--I don't know what he decided. The question is, will he have enough left to sweep the podium in the mens mountain bike race on the final days of the Games? In the next Olympics Phelps' uniform will read: PHELPS, with PHELPS under that. His last name and country will be the same as "Phelps, Earth", will be its own country by then. Rumor has it, Phelps is swimming back to the USA from China.

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