Friday, February 15, 2008

CRANK SPORTS: e-Gels, and e-Fuel


These are the best gels and best drink concentrates on the market. I say that not only because they tast better than all others, but they cost less, create less waste, and go further. The average gel is around 100 calories. But e-gels are 150. They are slightly bigger, for the extra calories, but not so much bigger that you even notice it. That means you have to carry less gels to get the same energy. 2 e-gels=300 cals; 3 other gels=300 cals. As for the cost, they cost less per 100 calories than the leading gels (compared to GU and Clif Shot)--99 cents per 100 cals for e-Gels, $1.25, at least, for GU or Clif. They also have more electrolytes, amino's, antioxidants, and less sugar (they contain more maltodextrin for energy, thus reducing the amount of sugar). Why do e-Gels cost less? Because you've probably never seen a commercial or huge add in a magazine for them. You don't pay for the company to advertise. Sure, you may see a small add here and there, but for the most part, they are referred by people who use them.

As for e-Fuel, these look like really large gels, but contain a liquid that is diluted to regular strength with water. What's good about those is that you can fill your bottles before you go, take an e-Fuel packet with you and all you need to do is stop for water somewhere to make a fresh bottle of e-Fuel. You don't have to lug around extra bottles of your premade drink that ends up warm.

Check them out...

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