Monday, January 7, 2008

2008 Tentative Races

Not that you care, but below are the races I plan on doing. Key word: plan. I have already registered for some of them. Technically, I have never done a tri (only the TriRochester Mock tri of the Rochesterfest Tri) so my first 'real' tri will be the Pigman in Palo, IA. Here's the list:

04/27/08 Winter Begone Duathlon
05/2008 TriRochester Spring TT's (first 4 Thursdays in May)
05/10/08 Oakdale Spring Classic Du *
05/18/08 Gearwest Du *
05/24/08 Apple Du
06/01/08 Pigman Triathlon -short course- *
06/08/08 Manitou Tri
06/15/08 Fairmont Tri
06/29/08 Rochesterfest Tri -short course- *
07/12/08 Timberman Tri
08/2008 RASC TT Series (Tuesdays in August)
08/03/08 Brewhouse Tri
08/09/08 Turtleman Tri
08/17/08 Pigman Tri -long course- (this is a half iron--probably not doing it, but hopeful)
09/27/08 Treadman Du

* events I've already registered for
Events in green are part of the Midwest Multisport Series (click to see all the races in the MMS).

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