Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 Season Results

Oxbow Dirt Road Race: of the Cat 3's that actually finished, I brought up the rear
Durand Road Race: 18th Category 3
Kenwoods Road Race: 17th Category 3
Oakdale Spring Classic Duathlon: 2nd age group, 18th overall
Apple Duathlon: 5th age group, 29th overall
Tri Rochester/RASC Spring TT series: 1st place overall, Stock Division
RASC Fall TT Series (Aero div):
-3rd in 25 mile on 07/31/07 (1:03:15)
-5th in 5.5 mile on 08/21/07 (13:21)
-4th in 20 mile on 09/04/07 (49:01)
-1st in 14.2 mile on 09/11/07 (34:48)
-Overall results unknown-
Festival Run (10k run): 2nd overall, 1st age group
MN State Road Race Championship: 18th Category 3
Treadman Duathlon: 1st age group, 7th overall
Stride for Fitness (5k run): 3rd overall, 1st age group
Park Tool Younglife Duathlon: 4th age group, 8th overall

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