Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The Treadman saw a much broader range of competition in it's 2nd year. It had bigger turnout with many more from the Twin Cities and an overall win from a Wisconsinite. Three PCR's made the top 10 overall: Jason Sinnwell, myself, and Joe Moyer. Here's the top 10 overall:

1 Brent Sinn

2 Jim Hannon

3 Mike Gruba

4 Jason Sinnwell

5 Christopher Koch

6 Robert Mitchell

7 Mario Minelli

8 Marty Netzel

9 Sarah Kolpin

10 Joe Moyer

For my personal results, I managed to defend my age group by taking 1st place in the male age 35-39 age group. Run 1 was where I saw the most improvement, but the bike leg was my strongest section of the race--I pulled off the 3rd fastest time of the day... and on a stock road bike with some clip-on mini TT bars! That actually hurts my chances of my wife getting on board with the idea that I need a tri-bike. "See, you don't need a tri bike, you need to run faster." Dang! She's too logical.

Pictured above: Darcy F, Jason S, myself, J-Mo, A-Mo.Complete results are here
Pictured below: Sofia, Jace, me

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