Thursday, August 2, 2007

Push A Little Harder, I did...

...and so did others.

The 40k (24.8 mile) RASC TT was Tuesday, July 31. Since I haven't raced since Memorial Weekend (well, I did the RASC Spring TT series), I wasn't expecting to PR my time on the course which was 1:05:10 in 2004. Training volume this season has been at an all-time low for me. However, the training I do, I try to keep consistent with hard weeks, R & R weeks, days off, etc. Whatever I've been doing came together well the other night. My goal was to complete the course around 1:07:00. Well, I PR'd it at 1:03:15! I did have the mini clip-on aero bars, but I haven't used them since the Apple Du on May 26 so they weren't very comfortable and I could only remain in that position for a few minutes at a time. I think it was a combination of pushing harder, setting a goal time, the aero position the bars put me in, starting about midway thru the line up--that way I had riders to chase and riders to hold off, and finally, knowing the course because I've raced it about a half dozen times.

Peace Coffee teammate Joe M (known as J-Mo from this point on) equipped with full-on TT gear: bike, helmet, skinsuit, and disc wheel, pushed a little harder as well. He nailed the course in just under 59 minutes. The record is 58:26. He'll get it...

The race series flyer can be found here.

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