Monday, August 20, 2007

10k Pain and Future Races

It's been a while since I posted anything... Personally...been busy. Recreationally...haven't been riding/training much. This past week was and R & R week so things were low anyway, but I feel like I've been slacking. I had a great run at the Festival Run 10k in Kasson on Aug 11. This was my 3rd 10k--ever. First one was in '02, then next was back in '04, I think. Anyway, I guess I can say I PR'd this one with a time of 41:10. Not the most impressive time, but it was windy and the course is VERY hilly. It's almost entirely on the Sunrise-Sunset trail in Kasson-Mantorville. At about mile 3.5 you're in Mantorville by the river and have to run up the hill on Co 12--then you go left on Co 21 where you get to enjoy miles 4 and 5 which are up-hill all the way to Kasson! Thankfully, mile 6 is completely flat.

I got a good warm-up so I was able to start out pretty fast. About 1/4 mile in I was up about 100 yards on the next 2 runners. About 1 mile in I looked back and saw just one guy. I was at 5:50 for the first mile and 180 bpm! I felt good, but knew I was going to hard too early. I have ran sub-6 min miles in a 5k, but not a 10k. Remember, I don't consider myself a runner. One of the two behind me caught and passed me at about the 2.5 mile mark. He then gained about 1 minute on me and that's how it remained. The top 3 were spaced out right around 1 minute each. Complete results:

Because I rarely run that distance, recovery was hard to say the least. It wasn't until Tuesday that I could walk without feeling like someone was beating me on the quads with a bat. Then, my inner left calve muscle was tight, really tight, for a few days. I could ride with out problems, but walking was tough. I gotta take it easy now as I am tapering for the Treadman Duathlon so the runs will be short with some intervals, but nothing too hard. My goal is a sub- 20 minute first run, 22-23 mph av on the bike, and a sub-21 second run. Based on last year and the Apple Du this past May, I think it's du-able if I can recover from the State Championship Road Race this weekend.

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