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2011 Turkey Trot Re-cap

4th Annual Gilman Memorial Turkey TrotThe turn out for the 2011 4th Annual Gilman Memorial Turkey Trot was a little better than last year. In 2010, I think where were 30 something finishers. This year there were almost 60. Not bad. Aside from being what has become almost as traditional as green bean casserole on Thanksgiving, Turkey Trot 5k's (and other length races) also help raise money for local food shelfs, Salvation Army's, or other charitable organizations.  The Gilman Memorial Turkey Trot is a fund raiser for the Alzhiemer's Association.  From the Dodge Center Chiropractic site:
  • The 5K Run/Walk with all proceeds donated to the Alzheimer's Association. Alzheimer's disease has probably touched you personally in some way, whether through a family member or friend so you no doubt know the devastating effects of this disease. More then 5 million Americans now suffer from effects of Alzheimer's Disease.
Although I like it that company's and race promoters can turn profits on their races, make a living or just extra income which gives them incentive to improve it and keep it going. With that said, its nice to do a race where the organizers are doing it purely from their heart--especially around this time of year. 

Last year was the first time we, Carin, Jace, and I, did this Trot. It was the first "Turkey Trot" for all of us.  Returning this year was just as fun--hopefully next year, or maybe the next, Sofia will be able to run it.  As for our races we all lowered our times from last year.  Carin made the biggest improvement and with very little training:
Carin: 2010= 38:02, 2011= 34:44 (5k PR)
Jace: 2010= 23:48, 2011= 23:23
Me: 2010= 18:37, 2011= 17:55 (ran in Vibram Five Finger's Bikila's this year--last year Saucony A4's)

No, the course did not get shorter : )   GPS measured it at 3.11 (measured 3.08 last year) so it was pretty much right on. However, it was about 15 degrees warmer this year.  I think it was right around 20 last year with a brisk breeze. This year, close to 35--a little warmer for breathing.  Anyway, last year I really wanted to run in Vibram FiveFingers, but after the warmup my toes were FROZEN.  I warmed up in the m this year, with the addition of Injinji socks (toe socks) my feet were ok to run the race in VFF Bikila's-sock combo.  We started right in front of DC Chiropractic.  Right from the start, two kids that were in Mayo Spartan warmup/track suits bolted out in front along with another young guy, Jesse Delgado.  I got in with them and we all made it to the first corner together.  While I was behind them, Jesse's pants kept falling down.  Don't worry--he had shorts on underneath.  I thought this kid is either just goofing around--sprinting out in front--or he errored and wore the wrong running pants.  So we turn left and I stayed on the left side of the road, Jesse on the far right of the road, and I am assuming the Spartans were the footsteps I heard behind me.  Within about a half mile I can't hear the foot steps, but Jesse is still on the other side of the street even with me.  A right turn is coming up so I move over and we turn. Jesse and I exchanged places a few times--he was still having trouble with his sweats. That has to be throwing of his stride and his arm motion if he has to keep reaching down to hold up his pants.  We get thru mile 1 at 5:42.  Instead of us exchanging places I decide I will just keep him in front of me and I'll run at his pace.  We are about 2 minutes into mile two and he starts to fade.  I sped up a bit and got a small gap while we were going up a slight incline in the road.  Once I got up that I sped up more...bigger gap.  A couple corners thru some side roads...little bigger.  Within a half mile to go he was about 2 blocks behind me.  I hadn't looked at my watch since we split up so I waited until I was just a block or so from the finish to look at my time and it was 17 twenty something.  I knew I wasn't going to PR, but want to get under 18 minutes.  I finished in 17:55--just 18 seconds off my PR (17:37, 2011 Mac Attack). 
After Jesse finished I found out he was 13 years old!   WHAT THE....!  He said that he runs cross country and his PR is under 17.  Thanks baggy sweats.  He also said that "I don't know what I was thinking, I just forgot to take them [sweats] off."   Lucky for me, right : )

2011 4th Annual Gilman Memorial Turkey Trot 5k

1. Mario Minelli 17:55 (First Overall/First Male)

2. Jesse Delgado 18:27

3. Jack Mallmann 19:48

4. Paul Haase 21:16

5. Travis Turner 21:27

6. Jacob Chapman 21:55

7. Peter Tate 22:16

8. Gary Lovelace 22:19

9. Andrew Galbus 22:27

10. Jace Minelli 23:23

11. Erin Erpelding 23:25 (First Female)

12. Kelly Erpelding 23:42

13. Brad Schrader 24:05

14. Rodney Myer 24:12

15. Sarah Chapman 24:54

16. Lori Yokiel 24:56

17. Melissa Mergen 25:47

18. Jeffrey Haase 26:46

19. Jenny Delgado 26:56

20. Andy Klein 27:05**

21. Jordana Thompson 27:05

22. Michelle Yankovick 27:15

23. Colleen Keuten 27:30

24. Cherie Jensen 27:31

25. Al Keuten 27:37

26. Elizabeth Adamson 27:42

27. Samantha Porche 27:47

28. Chris McKrern 28:53

29. John Cook 29:14

30. Tracy Culbetson 30:13

31. Suzanne Norby 30:56

32. Jenano Delgado 32:14

33. Tina Kasper 34:17

34. Emily Gillard 34:17

35. Carin Minelli 34:44

36. Amy Evans 36:09

37. Ann Greise 38:52

38. Teresa Walter 39:50

39. Tom Haase 45:27

40. Dennis Ross 45:27

41. Keara Ross 45:27

42. Amanda Ross 45:27

43. Susan Allen 45:27

44. Mary Haase 45:33

45. Gabriel Domask 46:37

46. Scott Stroh 46:37

47. Davey Stroh 46:50

48. Lean Stroh 46:50

49. Bob Sponsel 46:45

50. Veronika Spieker 49:52

51. Phil Putratz 49:52

52. Kathy Thielges 53:30

53. Jack Culbertson 53:30

54. Cheryl Gillard 53:36***

** wearing only Invisible Shoes
*** pushing a double stroller

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