Friday, October 7, 2011


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This is one of about a million blog posts about the INSANITY training system...I know, lame, right.  I'm really not an info-mercial-jump-on-the-training-plan-geek. But I needed to do something different in the off-season. A few weeks ago a friend said he was considering the P90X system when I remember seeing the info-mercial about a year ago on INSANITY.  At the time I didn't want to do anything different--I just wanted to stick to what seemed to be working with regards to training. A couple of weeks ago I ended up ordering the Insanity program thru eBay for a 1/3 the price and I suspect its a knock off.  Do you think since it came from China, its authentic?  Anyway, it arrived Wednesday. I am going to check it out, read the info and maybe, go thru DVD #1 which I guess is a fit-test. Apparently, a very humbling fit-test. As with any discipline of exercise, I really don't think it matters how fit you are in one area (and it definitely doesn't matter how fit you think you are), trying something new can be a very eye-opening and humbling experience. I am hoping that is the case. From what I've read, Insanity is P90x's stripped down equipment free MEAN brother. One conversation I read was about a guy who was doing P90x, but thought it was a bit hard so he thought he'd switch to Insanity--a response said if you can't make it thru P90X, you won't survive one day of Insanity. Anyway, here's a video to show you the program:

Let me know if you've tried this program?

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