Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekly Numbers (July 25 - 31) and July Monthly Numbers

Its said all the time "Summer just goes by too fast."  Here we are in August already and yes, summer is going by waaaay too fast.  35 days from Labor Day, 36 or so days before the kids go back to school, 39 days from Ironman Wisconsin....soon it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas--before we know it, we'll be talking about how fast summer (2012) is going by.  Well anyway, here are the training numbers from last week and last month:


4100.00 Yd
       1h 33m 34s
155.03 Mi
      8h 03m 49s
29.92 Mi
      3h 38m

TOTAL JULY 25 - 31:  13 hrs 15 min 23 sec

 Month of July

  Swim:  16377.25 Yd - 7h 23m 20s 
  Bike:  551.95 Mi - 27h 49m 07s 
  Run:  125.74 Mi - 14h 54m 43s 
1h 33m 
 TOTAL TRAINING TIME FOR JULY 2011: 51 hrs 40 min 10 sec

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Brian said...

I beat you in swimming! And yes, pretty soon we'll be talking race schedule for 2012. I have no idea where this summer has gone.