Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ironman Wisconsin Bib Numbers Announced

The list is up.  The participant list and their bib numbers for IMWI was recently posted.  Check it out for people you know and jot down their bib numbers so you can track them on Race-Day, September 11.  I got #1879.

Here's the IMWI site: click THIS.

If you don't want to drill thru that, click HERE for the participant list with bib numbers.

Click HERE so you can track people you know that are in the race.  If that doesn't work come race-day, go to and you'll find the link.  How the tracker works: Every time an athlete crosses a mat, their time for the section they just completed will be available on-line.  There is a delay most of the time.  For example, the race starts at 7am.  Lets say you expect a friend of yours to be out of the water at about 8:15am so you check and track them at 8:30, but there's still nothing listed--be patient and check again in a few minutes.  It will eventually post.

I'll put up a post on Friday, Sept 9 with much of the above information and my goal times for the race.


Brian said...

My Iowa buddy, William Jenks will also be there. He did Chisago with you so I think you two sort of met??

Mario said...

I remember seeing him and we commented on each others blogs, but didn't meet. I saw his IM time from a previous IMWI-- just over 12 hours. If things go better than I anticipate, I might get a time like that.