Monday, August 8, 2011


Saturday I went on a loooong ride and short run.  I went from Kasson, MN to Fairmont, MN.  Here's some miscellaneous data from the ride.

Went from Kasson to Dodge Center on 34, the south to Hayfield on Hwy 56.  From Hayfield I went west on HWY30 until it "T's" at, well 30, just south of Mapleton.  Instead up going up and thru Mapleton, you can cross the highway and it turns into 29. It then "T's" 30 again.  I got back on that, but OOPS, its gravel.  More like hard packed gravel there the loose gravel was gone so it wasn't that bad. That went for 4 miles into Amboy--yes, 4 miles on dirt road on a TT bike.  That put me at about mile 83.  I continued on Hwy 30 until that ended at Hwy 15 a few miles north of Truman.  Went south on 15 to to Truman.  A mile north of Truman I hit the golden mile 100.   I stopped at a Casey's store (101 miles) and called Carin to give her an update. We met in Fairmont. Overall it was a pretty easy ride as far as elevation is concerned. Lot of false flats, no real climbs, and overall, a loss of elevation.  Had a mild cross wind for about 86 miles, but it was a headwind when going south from Dodge Center to Hayfield (10 miles) and south on 15, four miles north of Truman down to Fairmont (15 miles).  Route link HERE

I was hitting my LAP button on my HRM every hour--here's the first 4 hours:

  • hour 1= 21.44 mph 
  • hour 2= 20.93 mph 
  • hour 3= 21.67 mph
  • hour 4= 19.19 mph 
Next marker was mile 100 so I hit LAP there:

  • Hit 100 miles at 4:53:47 (20.4 mph average)
Got a flat at mile 101 right when I left the Casey's lot. Not counting the time to repair flat, I hit mile 112 at 5:36:36 (19.96 mph average).

WARNING: you practically need a mountain bike for the first mile or so going west out of Blooming Prairie on Hwy 30.  Then there is a couple miles west of Ellendale that suck. WORST stretch of road EVER.

Calories consumed:
  • 1.5 packs of Clif Bloks (300 cals)
  • 2 bottles of HEED (200 cals)
  • 1.5 ABJ (Almond butter & Jelly) sandwiches (350 cals)
  • two 12 oz Cokes (280 cals).  Had one at mile 83 in Amboy,and one at mil 101 in Truman--who cares where, right? I just happen to know.
  • misc bottles of water
After the ride I drank a Zico Chocolate (110 cals), had the last half of my ABJ (200 cals), and a homemade monster cookie (??? cals). Then I ran 4 miles, but about 30 minutes had passed since the bike ride ended.  Sideache for first 1/2 mile then I was fine.  Ran 4.16 miles in 30 min.  DONE.


Andy said...

Wow! You are an animal Mario! Coke too? Diet?

Mario said...

REAL Coca Cola. You couldn't or shouldn't rely on it for all your calories of course, but in a pinch to get you thru, it works.