Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Hours (June 27 - July 3) and Total June Training Time

Following a transition week, the week after Rochesterfest Tri, I started a Build Period with 11 weeks to go before IMWI and it was tough.  I fell a bit short, but got in a decent long ride (plus short run) last Friday.  I rode to the RAC, instructed a Studio Cycling class, and rode back home which added up to 2 hr 23 min of ride time.  Then ran for 30 min. I was beat.  Anyway, here's the time from last week:

4700.00 Yd
1h 56m 18s
87.13 Mi
4h 42m 58s
31.36 Mi
3h 45m 47s

TOTAL TRAINING for week of June 27 thru July 3: 11 hours, 4 min, 3 sec

For the Month of June 2011:

Monthly totals:
Swim:  17440.42 Yd - 6h 24m 19s 
Bike:  315.65 Mi - 15h 56m 38s 
Run:  89.40 Mi - 10h 29m 35s 
Strength:  1h 48m 
TOTAL: 41 hours, 14 min, 12 sec

Training time from June 2011 also includes one 5k trail race, one 5k road race, one olympic distance triathlon.

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Brian said...

It always amazes me how well you do on 'little' training time. But I'm sort of learning this year that I don't need to put in 10-15 hrs a week to be successful. I dunno, maybe your good training methods are starting to pay off on me!?!? But then I am on pace for over 200miles of riding in the first 10 days of July. Old dogs can't learn new tricks?!?!?