Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly Hours from July 4 - July 10 (Monday - Sunday)

Numbers for last week:
S:3795.10 Yd
1h 40m 15s
123.40 Mi
6h 02m 45s
31.04 Mi
3h 33m 53s

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: 11 hours, 41 min, 53 sec
For the bike+run brick I did on Sunday I ended up doing at probably the hottest, or close to the hottest time of the day--from 11am - 2:30pm.  I got up at 6am thinking I would get it in early and have the rest of the day to do stuff around the house.  However, a storm moved in and delayed things.  I finally headed out at 11.  I need to nail down my nutrition plan, but on this day, I totally messed up how much to take.  For the 3 hour ride (61.7 miles)  I had the following:
  • Full water in aero bottle, reg size water bottle on bike (frame), two large bottles in the tail wing--one with water, one with HEED (1.25 servings so about 125 cals)
  • Half ABJ (Almond butter and jelly) Sandwich of about 200 cals
  • 1 Hammer Gel - 90 cals
    • TOTAL CALORIES taken in= 415.  Probably should have had 1000-1500 to truly test what I needed and could handle.
The mistake was that I planned on bringing a couple packs of Clif Bloks, but forgot them. What was I thinking?  Two packs would have gotten me 400 more cals--maybe not enough, but would have definitely helped.

Despite the lack of caloric intake, the bike actually went well. I was feeling a little 'bonkish' in the last 10 miles and was conserving the last bit of water, but had more left than I thought in the last few miles so I drank it down.  Due to the heat, I was drenched in sweat.  When I got home, I drank a half can of Lipton Lemonade then ran. The first 2 miles of the run were good--THEN I BONKED.  After I finished the run, I could not quench my thirst.  Here's what I had:
  • finished can of lemonade
  • 12 oz can of Lipton Iced Tea
  • about 24 oz of vanilla light soymilk (washing down a Clif Bar)
  • about 20 oz of water
  • Bomb Pop, 1
  • 1 peach
By that time I was FULL, but continued to choke down the rest of the Clif Bar.  Then took down a couple cookies, then a stack of graham crackers.  I was just craving sweets.  I was totally worthless for the next couple of hours.  I'm getting tired now just thinking about it.

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