Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Training Numbers from Week of July 18 - 24 (Monday - Sunday)

Last week was technically a recovery week which sometimes is a good time for a race at the end. You should be recovered for it, however, a half iron isn't the best thing to do at the end of it.  I am training for IMWI so I wasn't going to shuffle around too much just to race other races.  I did the first 16 days as a recovery week, then raced.  Numbers with include the time and distance of Chisago Lakes Half Iron Tri:

3101.20 Yd
1h 53m 55s
85.39 Mi
4h 07m 23s
23.18 Mi
2h 48m 52s

TOTAL: 9 hrs 18 min 10

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