Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekly Numbers from May 30 - June 5 (Mon-Sunday)

Week 1 of the Tapering period leading up to the 2011 Rochesterfest Olympic Distance Triathlon finished Sunday.  I've planned a peak for this race so I'll have 2 weeks of tapering, then RACE week which is very similar to a Rest week.

On Saturday during this last week I tested my running speed, and how my right foot issue is going, at the Chester Woods 5k, then later that day a few Tri-Rochester members pre-rode the new Rochesterfest Oly course.  Right foot/arch/posterior tibial tendon is ok. Seems like its better when running with quick turn over rather than just walking or standing.  Not sure why.  Cycling and swimming don't seem to affect it. 

Sunday I did a Tempo brick of 1hr bike followed by a 30 minute run--it was HOT out!  Av speed on the bike was 22.9 for 23.2 miles.  Pretty decent for me for tempo pace.  Run was ok at 6:28 pace for 4.64 miles, but it felt way harder than six and a halves.  Heat?   Didn't start it till just before 4pm--wind was light, but still there, temp and humidity were still jacked up.  Will do a longer brick this weekend to simulate the race a little more.  Would like to do it really early Saturday morning in hopes that the conditions are similar on race morning (June 19).  Hopefully the weather holds out--for both. 

Jace & I are registered for the Mac Attack which is Sunday evening, June 12th, so getting about 36 hours of rest in between Saturdays brick and Sundays race will be nice.

Digits from last week:

Swim: 3750.00 Yds, 1h 25m 27s

Bike: 94.93 Miles, 4h 49m 31s

Run: 21.64 Miles, 2h 28m 15s

Strength: zilch

TOTAL TRAINING TIME: 8 hrs, 43 min, 13 seconds

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