Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekly Numbers from May 9 - May 15 (Mon-Sunday)

I think last week was the most training by time that I have logged in the last 3 years.  A whopping 11 hrs 35 minutes.  Granted, 2.5 hours of it was an easy ride on Sunday--but it was out in the wind.  Oddly, that was my longest outdoor ride this year at 40 miles.  On the plus side, last week had the most miles I have ever run in one week: 32.7 miles.  That was possible because I put in two 10 milers.  My right ankle is a little tender after this mornings run so since I am registered for the Stay Out of the Sun Run this Friday, I think I will hold off on running until then--except for maybe a short jog on Thursday just to test the ankle.

Anyway, numbers for the week:

Swim: 3525.00 Yd, 1h 20m 20s
Bike: 94.10 Mi, 5h 33m 39s

Run: 32.70 Mi, 4h 01m 22s
Strength/Weights: 40m

TOTAL TRAINING TIME: 11 hours, 35 minutes, 21 seconds

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