Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Training Numbers from Last Week (April 11 - April 17)

Second week of the Build 1 period done--and I'm feeling it as I am a bit tired.  I was up by 5, training by 5:15 or 5:30 four times last week. That may be normal for some of you, sound crazy to others.  For me, it was a must if I want to get in the training and have evenings off to spend time doing stuff around the house, with the family, etc.  This is mid-week of week 3, next week R&R time with a race at he end.  THIS RACE.

Numbers from last week:

Swim: 4250.00 Yds, 1h 47m 19s
Bike: 88.00 Mi, 4h 50m 54s
Run: 24.16 Mi, 3h 01m 58s
Strength: 40m
TOTAL: 10 hrs 20 min 11 sec

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