Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Bike Ride with a THONG and Training Numbers from Last Week (March 14 - March 20)

WOW!  Winter has gone by fast.  Ok, maybe not, but with regards to riding a real bike, it has.  When I mean riding the really bike, I am talking about getting it set up on the trainer and riding inside opposed to riding indoor cycles (ie, Spinners, LeMond RevMasters, etc).  Last year by this time I had already put in over a dozen, maybe over 20 rides on the trainer with either the road bike or the tri-bike.  Not this year.  So, Sunday morning/afternoon, I set up the QR on the Kinetic trainer, got it all ready, put the thong on (not on me, sicko, on the bike), then started riding the Spinner.  No, I didn't hop on the bike right away.  I had to put

CycleOps bike thong
in an hour 45 so I figured that for the first ride on a real bike would be a little much.  What I did was I road the Spinner for an hour, then hopped on the QR/trainer for 30 minutes.  There, an hour and 45 done--not quite.  I cut it short by 15 minutes. It was just getting too looong.  Plus, I had enough training for the week and then some due to the 5k on Saturday.  Extra doesn't necessarily mean better. Extra, in my case many times in the past has resulted in overtraining and I don't need to risk it.  Anyway, here are the numbers from last week:
Swim: 4925.00 Yd, 2h 03m 59s (3 swims)
Bike: 82.50 Mi, 4h 35m (3 bike rides)

Run: 27.57 Mi, 3h 20m 32s (4 runs, one of which was a 5k/3.1 mile race)

Strength: 40m (one session)

TOTAL: 10 hrs 39 min 31 sec

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