Thursday, January 27, 2011

T2: Bike-To-Run and Core & Flexibility Training

There are two new classes being offered at Rochester Athletic Club (RAC) starting the week of Feb 14 that are sure to help ramp up your training for the coming multisport season. 

T2: Bike To Run is FREE to RAC members. This is a studio cycling class followed by a run.  The run is done on your own using the RAC track or a treadmill. Participants may coordinate outdoors runs as well.  This course is more of a setting for like minded people to get together for training and/or working on transition 2 than it is a specific training course for triathlon. Meets Saturdays @ 1pm.

not actual photo from the RAC, but an example of a transition area
The other course, Core & Flexibility Training for Multisport Athletes , targets injury prevention and strength thru core development and flexibility.  Members and non-members are welcome to this class. Fees apply. Meets Wednesday @ 6pm.

For full details and course descriptions, click this WORD
not an actual photo from the RAC, but it shows Pilates equipment

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