Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's That Time...

Yep, its that time of the year again--when I hardly post anything at all.  You thought I was talking about Christmas and the other Holidays.   With regards to training...its way down.  Almost nil, but I am working on my training plan, little by little, for 2011.  A friend of mine uses Beginner Triathlete (or BT, if you're cool), and really loves it.  I used to find their website a little overwhelming due to all of the features.  However, if you were to pick just one source for all your training info, plans, logs, forum, nutrition, etc, etc, BT would be the one.  Its way more than a site for beginners.  Well, I mean its for beginners, but even if you're a very advanced triathlete, you'll still find it as a one stop shop for everything you need.  I'll post more later, but I am really lovin' that site right now.

As for what's going on, here it is:
  • the oldest kid started wrestling last week
  • I'm working with a few other to put together some awards for the TriRochester season-end party--having some set backs, but the person(s) mainly working on the voting/ballots are right-on track.
  • I'm re-doing the basement bathroom--what a pain in the a$$.  Had to peel the wallpaper off then had to saturate the next layer--the feltish type backing with the glue under that--in order to scrape it off.  Now there is gluey residue all over that has to be washed.  Peeling the wallpaper also revealed several holes that were just 'papered' over. Nice job, prior owners.  I have concluded that wallpaper is the work of the devil and his minions are the ones who put it up. I'll post pictures of the hellish nightmare later on.
  • I'm not looking forward too much for 2011 training to start.  I think I am just run down and overwhelmed by other things to think about it.  Getting some things done and maybe sleeping more than 6 hours a few nights in a row may turn around my attitute.
That's it...  Ride On!

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