Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 Rochester Youth Football Association 4th Grade Championship

The Kasson Mantorville 4th grade Komets had a great season and made it all the way to the championship.  None of the kids were seriously hurt--some strains, pains, and bruises, but other than that a healthy turn out.   The championship was on Saturday, October 30, 2010.  The above clip was the highlight of the game.  After that, unfortunately, it went a bit down hill.  I need to set that up--starting two days before the game, on Thursday, one of the teams starting running backs (Hunter) hurt his leg and was on crutches (but was walking ok yesterday).  However, he was not able to play in Saturdays game.  Jace, who plays wing/slot back was moved to the injured kids halfback position. The two main running backs run plays in and out from the sideline, alternating so Jace was going to get a lot of carries in the BIG SHOW. The injured kid plays linebacker too--where it would matter even more.  There are a handful of kids that can run the ball, hit the hole they are supposed to hit,   When it comes to defense, its a little trickier.  The other kids would have to step it up. Jace also plays left corner, but for the championship he and the starting right defensive end were going to play strong corner and strong end--meaning that they would set up on which ever side the other team puts their wing back (who is no less than 5' 7"--no kidding--a 4th grader). Well, on Friday Jace came home sick after school and around 11pm he tossed his cookies and what looked to be like everything he ate for the past week.  I don't know how THAT much can be in one kids stomach. Anyway, he was out. There was also another kid out injured with a sore ankle from the week before.  That's three kids on a roster of only 21 that played all 6 regular season games, a play off game, but are now out for the last game of the year.

KM's opening drive got them all the way inside the 5, but they couldn't punch it in.  It didn't take long before their opponents (OMC) were up 16 to 0. Then, the above play (video) happened--it looked like KM was back in it. Oh, by the way, the kid that scored the touch down, waving a hand in the air on the way out and the shrugging off of the defender/would be tackler--she is a girl. What a sweet catch! She even had to do a 360 to reposition and catch the ball.  She plays slot/wing, like Jace--they usually alternate the position, but I think she played just about every play and definitely stepped it up.  So it was 16 - 6 after that. Then it was 22 - 6, then 28 - 6.  KM would score two more touchdowns w/o the points after.  The final ended at 41 - 18.

I know, its not about winning, but dang... the score does not reflect the way the teams would have really matched up. Sure, the other team could have had kids out, injured, etc, but they had 28 kids suited and warming up before the game to our 18.  Their QB, RB's, Wing were their regulars from previous games so they were ready and healthy from what we could tell.  I am not sure KM could have won even if they were in perfect condition, but there's no way that they would have allowed 41 points. Both KM and OMC were 7-0.  KM has only allowed 12 points all year across all 7 games. OMC had allowed 59 throughout 7 games.  Honestly, I think its tougher on the parents.  Personally, I try not to let it show as its more about having fun as a kid.  Also, all kids need to experience what its like to lose.  Its humbling and its reality--you can't always win. Within minutes after the game the the kids were laughing and having fun right after they shook hands with the other team. They have a lot to be proud of and are already looking forward to next year...

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