Sunday, October 10, 2010


The add below was real.  You may have seen this thru an email or somewhere else.  Pretty funny to think that this stuff was real.

Seriously though, forget what you know, what we know, what the medical world knows about the harmful effects of smoking.  I know, its just common sense, right?  Smoking is bad for you.  At one time, it wasn't thought to be all that bad.   Did you know that a tradition in le Tour de France (that's a 2000+ mile bike race) during at least one of the stages was for the whole peloton to pull over and have a smoke.  Legend has it that they believed it "expanded the lungs."  They don't do that any more.  If you were back in the 1950's the ad above would have given you confidence that its ok to smoke...even healthy, right?  "If doctors smoke..." 

This one was apparently real at one time too.  Can you imagine...

Now think about the present day.  The ads above are ridiculous.  However, is the smoking ad any different than the one below?  This is a current ad that is actually still posted in various places, magazines, etc.  I think its just as ridiculous as the one above:

I know, first you're thinking "Is he kidding, he thinks milk is as bad as smoking?  He's kidding?"  No I AM NOT.  Actually, I'd smoke a cigarette WAAAAY before I'd drink a glass of cows milk.  You think dairy is good for you not because you 'know' dairy is good for you--you think that because you've been told its good for you.  One of the most powerful lobbies is a branch of the dairy industry. The beef industry has a very powerful lobby effort as well.  If dairy and meat are so good for us, why do they have to 'lobby' their way into our faces?  Ever heard of the vegetable lobby?  Of course not.  We don't need to be told veggies are good for us.  Well, some people do. 

Today's infants and toddlers, when they reach their 20's and 30's, will get emails sent to them with all sorts of strange and crazy photo's attached that will include dairy ads claiming that their product is good for you, ads about meat claiming to be "lean" therefore they're good for you, packed with protein, blah, blah, etc, etc. 

Go back to the tape worm ad from above.  Any different than some of the diets that people jump on today?  Like this one:

I wouldn't say this diet is as bad as a tape worm , but its bad.  Atkins is so all over the place that I don't even need to explain it. Atkins is a household name.  You are thinking lot of meat/bacon, etc, and NO carbs, aren't you?  Sad--the Atkins Diet is a part of American culture.  Actually, what's really bad is how people interpret and put into action what they think is Atkins.  Its bad, but does have its limits and guidelines.  However, most think its eat, eat, eat, all meat, cheese and grease you want and you still lose weight.  People use Atkins as a way to eat basically as much meat, the fatter the better, as the can, all while omitting carbs.  Smart--cut out our primary energy source to lose weight.  Crazy world.... 

The problem is, is that we let advertising influence what "healthy" is and we don't question it, we don't research it, we just believe it.

Here ends the rant...

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