Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mosquito Man Recap

Friday night I took Jace to the KM (Kasson-Mantorville) vs. Triton Cobra's football game.  I figured it'd be done by 9-9:30 or so and I would be home, sleeping, by 10.  That way I could get in 7 hours of sleep, wake up at 5 and head up to Orono for the Mosquito Man Du.  KM was out 14 to zero (Hooray!) by the middle of the 2nd qtr.  With a few minutes left in the game, Triton was ahead 21 to 14 (Booooo!).  1.6 seconds on the clock and KM ties it up.  OVERTIME.  Triton won. This isn't a PrepSports recap so I'll end it there.  I didn't hit the sack till 10:40.  Then, I guess I was nervous for the race and woke up at 3:33am AND COULDN'T FALL BACK to sleep. Oh well, they say that you can do fairly well on very little sleep the night before a race--as long as you haven't been short on sleep in the days before it.

I get to the race at about 7:10 (8am start time), check in, get my timing chip, and set up in the transition area without my bike.  I went and pulled my bike out of the car and my back tire is just about totally flat.  I take off the valve cap and hear a POP sshhhhhhhh....  The tip of the stem came out.  I screwed it back in, pumped it up, and it seemed to hold.  Was that all it was?  I hoped so and went and set up my bike.

Format was a Run, Bike, Run, Bike, Run race.  The runs were 1.5 miles each, the bike sections were 8.25 miles each.  There were 5 waves that started 3 minutes apart. The first two were for the Teams, the 3 remaining waves were for solo's.  I was in the first solo wave, wave 3. 

(both pix pilfered from Steve Stenzel)
RUN 1- All runs were 1.5 miles out-n-backs.  I started quick and was gasping pretty loud before I hit was even a 1/4 mile in.  Things calmed down, but I kept going pretty hard.  I was out in front by a good chunk and already passing teams before the turnaround at the 3/4 mile mark.  I think I was about a minute up on the next solo person as I hit the turn around and was heading back for about 30 seconds before we crossed each other.    I was expecting the big contenders to be in my wave--that would have been better because I could chase, instead of be chased.  On the way back coming at me were some guys from one of the next waves--Steve Stenzel and who I thought was Dan Hedgecock (turned out to be Ross Weinzierl; Hedgecock opted out and volunteered).  I hit T1 and prepared for Bike 1.
RUN 1= 8:43 (5:49 pace)

BIKE 1-  This was sort of tough.  8.25 miles. How hard to you go?  It was a bit windy, but not too bad. I've raced in worse. Much worse.  The course was nice and simple--all right turns. I passed a handful of teams then there was nothing.  I couldn't even see anyone else.  Again, I wish I was chasing someone--from the first two waves.  There was patch of road that was pretty rough that I caught someone on.  He was on a team and was either way benind his partner or way ahead.  This was not a relay team format, but a teammate TTT format.   I hit T2 and prepared for Run 2.
BIKE 1= 20:52 (23 mph)

RUN 2- Not much to report.  This was tough, but felt better than Run 1.  I caught a couple more teams here as teammates had to run together if they wanted to work together on the bike--in otherwords, a fast runner and a slower running who teamed up would run at the slower runners pace.  A little sooner after I turned around did I cross with Ross W.  That means he gained time on me.  The others that I thought would be up there in the ranks I crossed a little later in the run.  That means I gained time on them (Steve Stenzel, Charlie Roach, and known only later to me, Elwing Portilla).  I hit T3 and prepare yet again for BIKE 2.
RUN 2= 9:31 (6:21 pace--much slower than run 1)

BIKE 2-  I forgot to put on my sunglasses for this and was worried that with the wind, I would lose my contacts or as the very least, they would dry out.  Thankfully, neither happened.  I passed one team within a 1/4 mile out of T3, but they soon passed me an got a couple hundred yards up.  I was glad they were there as I tried to keep the distance between us from growing.  Not that I care because they were in the team division, but it kept me going.  We caught one other team in the last couple miles of this final loop on the bike.  I hit T4 and decided I would try to go as hard as I could without puking. 
BIKE 2= 21:05--13 seconds slower than Bike 1 (22.8 mph)

RUN 3- I caught the team that I was chasing during Bike 2 and not sure if I caught any others.  After the turn around it wasn't long before I crossed with Ross--he gained more time on me.  I then crossed with Portilla, then Stenzel, then Charlie not long before the finish--something happened to him because I expected to see him with or around Stenzel.
RUN 3= 9:17 (6:11 pace--slower than run 1, but a little faster than run 2)

TOTAL TIME= 1:12:20

I ended up 2nd overall for solo's and was 4th if you include to the two teams that finished 1 and 2.  Despite my lack of sleep and near problem with the valve, I couldn't be happier with the results as the thing that would have gotten me a higher finish was if I did more training and was just plain faster.

The top 5 men:
1. Ross Weinzierl
2. Mario Minelli
3. Edwing Y. Gelvez Portilla
4. Steve Stenzel
5 Charlie Roach (he took a wrong turn during the second bike section and had to back track--still a sweet finish).

Top 5 women:
1. Jenny Wilcox
2. Julie Hull
3. Jennifer Scudiero
4. Melissa Macmillan
5. Leslie Englert

See the link below for complete results:

Click THIS for a write up in the Examiner.

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