Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ok, well, that's not the official logo for the race, but...

The Mosquito Man is coming up this weekend--Saturday, September 4th.  It's a new, and a bit of a unique style of duathlon--unique around here anyway.  Let me coin the phrase: "du'nique".   Total running is only 4.5 miles, total biking section is only 16 miles.  However, what makes this "du'nique" is that the run is split into 3 sections of 1.5 miles each, and the bike into two, 8 mile sections--making this a 5 section, 4 transition race. 

For additional "du'niqueness" (I'm overusing it now), the team division is NOT a relay.  Teams of two have to race together, which means they CAN draft during the bike sections. Their final time is determined when the second member of the team crosses the line. This will make for some fast team bike splits--considering a sneak peak of the entrant list shows there are some elite level athletes racing together.

So it will go:

Run 1.5, T1, Bike 8, T2, Run 1.5, T3, Bike 8, T4, Run 1.5. 

If you've raced, which you probably have, you know that the shorter it is, the harder it is--as far as intensity is concerned.  Could the winner do this in around an hour?  Maybe.  I am hoping for under an 1:10.  We'll see.  I think its the 4 transitions that will suck the time out of your race...

There are still some spots left.  Go to 

PS: For some reason that Mosquito Man film poster brings Jack Black to mind.  Do you see it...?


Brian said...

People could sell tickets to see Monkey Man take on Mosquito Man. Sorry, could not resist. Are you going to wear the Vibrams? I forgot to ask you.

Mario said...

I think I may wear them for the first run. They would cost me too much T time for the other runs.