Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cannon Wells Duathlon Preview

I like this race a lot.  It's simple, short, and usually attracts some decent competition.  Not a highly competitive group at the top, but an elite here and there. Its only year 3 of this race, but its gaining momentum.  Its a nice short race to end your multisport season.  I was fortunate enough to win this one in 2008 and would like to repeat that someday.  Last year Steve Sander showed up (he was the overall winner of the Tri MN Series last year) and really fired thru the course, winning the race, but I did take 2nd overall.  Steve sent me a message a couple weeks ago saying he was volunteering at CW this year. Although I would like a rematch--well, I'd like to see if I can close the gap a little, I was not disappointed to hear he would not racing it : )  However, the participant list is up and a top-of-the-nation triathlete is racing it--Dennis Dane.  From looking at his 18th overall finish time in the National Championships last year, which earned him the Silver in the 30-34 Age-Group, it was apparent that running is his strength so CW  Duathlon should be an easy win.  However, I am going to give it a go and not count myself out.

Final Stretch Inc opened their mulitsport races with the Falls Du and is ending it with the Cannon Wells Du.  Both are a 2 mile first run, followed by a 14 mile bike section, then a 3 mile second and final run. 

Tentative Plan:
Run 1- 11:00 to 11:30 (5:30-5:45 pace).  2009- 11:53.
T1- 35 seconds. 2009- 57 secs because I forgot my cycling shoes in my trans bag and had to dig them out.
Bike- 34:00 to 34:30 (24.7 - 24.3 mph).  2009- 35:03.
T2- 30 seconds.  2009- 33 seconds
Run 2- 18:30 to 18:45 (6:10-6:15).  2009- 19:04

TOTAL- 1:04:35 to 1:06:05


Brian said...

You will do 'super' as usual. Hope the weather is great. Go into it with a smile on your face and enjoy it! By this time next week there could be 5 feet of snow on the ground for all we know.

Mario said...

Thanks. With all the rain, I wonder if they will change it to a tri???

Dennis said...

Great race Mario! You really did fly on the bike. Maybe we can have a rematch next year.