Thursday, August 19, 2010

National Training Center 5k Series

On Sunday, as the temps dropped drastically from what they had been all week, I flew off to Orlando, FL right back into the heat.  No, not on vacation , but for a work-related conference. Temps were 100 in the shade--I swear.  A couple months ago when booking the trip I looked up any potential mid-week training races that may be going on.  I found a 5k Series presented by the National Training Center in Clermont, FL, which is about 30 mile northish from Orlando.  I was still felling the effects of the 5k I ran on Saturday: left heel hurt, but was getting better; right calf was really, realy tight, but the more I walked around, the better its started to feel.  The race was on Tuesday so I had a couple of days to work out the aches and pains.  At the conference I ran into an old friend/roommate from the early 90's.  He found me on facebook a couple months ago, but we didn't chat much after that so it was a surprize to run into him in FL.  Monday we went and had a few and it got really late.  Well, not for regular bar goers, but for us it got late. To make things worse, I don't sleep very well in hotels so I got about 4 hours of sleep, Monday to Tuesday.  I decided I wasn't going to race.  However, after Tuesdays conference session, I decided to drive up to to Clermont anyway-- just to check out the training center.  Of course, I brought my running shoes just in case.  The training center wasn't as big as I expected it to be, but it did have a pretty good pool, and pretty much every thing you need in a club.  I did end up running the 5k, but I'll recap that and the state-of-the-art timing system they used, later.  Here are some pix of the NTC:
Water tower, not in club, of course

Inside the pool area

The pool

Cycling Studio

Fitness Floor

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