Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Training For A Half - continued

So I sent an email to a friend in response to an email he sent me, which was in response to a comment I put on his blog...  He filled me in on some of his training, then asked about mine, how training for 70.3 (that's Half Ironman distance) is going, etc....   Instead of re-capping some training here on the blog, I figured I would just paste in the email...

I'd say your season is going pretty dang good. Consistency is good. You're closing in on 50--its rare to finish at the very top as well as at the top of your AG from race to race. What more can you ask for? Your in line to give Charlie Roach some competition...

The 70.3 training is about the same as the sprint, as the olympic, as any other training for me. I just modify the workouts and the number of sessions during the week so I can add time to a longer one on the weekend. Still averaging about 7-8 hours per week. I put in one final long ride-run this past Saturday afternoon--58 miles on the bike, plus a 10k run. A little close to the race (this Sunday), but I needed to get some nutrition details down. I went thru way more bottles than I anticipated as it was over 90 degrees! I ended up stopping by a guy who was watering his lawn for a fill up. Mmmm... hose water! I am doing this whole season without the use of any pre-packaged bars, gels, or drinks so its been tough looking at what can replace the usuals to get enough calories during training/racing. However, eating real food, bars, and juice-water mixes makes a difference as I don't have any GI distress, side-stitches, indigestion, etc. Recovery seems better too. I think sometimes all those preservatives, flavor enhancers, sweeteners, and unpronounceable words, do more harm than good.

With any luck, I think I can get under 5 hours this Sunday. Of course, I've got the roving injury waiting to come out. Pops up around the left outer hip/leg. Could be the bursa, the upper femur (femoral head), etc. It's like it loosens up from a long ride and is fine to run after. I am hoping that's the case on Sunday. I am looking at 40-45 minute swim (1.2 miles), sub 2.5 hours on the bike (56 miles), and 1:45 for the half-marathon. With quick transitions, I'll be around 5 hours. However, I am prepared to walk much of the run if needed. We'll see.

About Racine... Patti XXXXX did it--not sure if you know Jeremy and Patti (Jeremy's the guy I told you about that broke his hand at Buffalo). She only reported that she did it and that's about it. No complaints. How about Devon Palmer? If my math is right, he would have passed Craig Alexander on the bike then been in the lead on the run for a bit (the only 2 faster than Palmer on the bike ended up DNFing). What a feeling that would be!

Are you racing this weekend? If not, swing over to Chisago :)


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Pattie Ekman said...

Working on the race report now. Geeze, it was almost 7 hours out there; it's going to take a while to write it up. :)